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I am doing an internship, and now, I am going to start my PhD also. I can’t attend morning classes because of my internship. So, my query is can i attend classes in the evening? So that I don’t have to leave my internship.
Also, it would be great if anyone of you would be able to give me the list of colleges with evening PhD program.

asked on 28 Jul 18Kartik Varma kartik varma
2 Answers
answered on 29 Jul 18

Hey, I know most of the universities have their classes in the morning only, but I have also heard of some universities who conduct their classes in the evening. My sister has done her PhD attending evening classes, but her university was in Punjab.
So, don’t lose hope keep searching you would definitely find many.

Brijesh Sharma brijesh sharma
answered on 30 Jul 18

I don’t think you can do so as most of the colleges have classes in the morning only. Why don’t you talk to your boss and ask him if you can come for your internship in the evening.

Varun T varun t

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