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I need to cite computer software in my research, and I have many questions related to it. Such as:
Is it even legal to cite such information? If yes, then what is the format of Citing Computer Software in research?
Please help.

asked on 01 Aug 18Nancy Trivedi nancy trivedi
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answered on 01 Aug 18

Reference format:
Rightsholder, A. A. (year). Title of Software or Program (Version number) [Type of software]. Retrieved from http://xxxxx

Sanjay Singla sanjay singla
answered on 02 Aug 18

Some samples for your reference:
Customized Synergy [Computer software]. (2014). Retrieved from
Esolang, A. N. (2014). Obscure Reference Generator [Computer software]. Washington, DC: E & K Press.
McCarthy, P. (2018). Shoelace formula for polygonal area (Python recipe) [Source code]. Retrieved from

Nilisha Yadav nilisha yadav
answered on 03 Aug 18

Cite the computer software in the following manner: Individual with proprietary rights’ name. (Year). Name of program (Version Number) [Computer software]. Place of publication: Publisher. (any other identifying material).

Archana Bagga archana bagga

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