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My writing part is complete, and now, I just need to edit and proofread my paper. But the sole confusion is regarding the sequence to follow, should I first do my editing and formatting, then do the plagiarism check or vice-versa? I haven’t done any of them and just four days are left. Please help me with some quick suggestions.

asked on 10 Aug 18Sanjay Singla sanjay singla
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answered on 11 Aug 18

One of the options could be that you check your dissertation first and then submit it to your supervisor. Then, once it comes back with the feedback as well as the plagiarism report, then you can edit it again according to the changes suggested by your supervisor.

Piyush Batra piyush batra
answered on 12 Aug 18

I highly agree with the suggestion given above and would like to tell you the other option, i.e., first you check the plagiarism of your paper and then can remove it while editing the paper.

Kartik Varma kartik varma

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