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Hey, I am looking for a professional editor to edit my thesis as I don’t have time; moreover, I don’t even want to do it. I know that the terminology used by different professional vary slightly. So that’s why I wanted to know about the types of editing so that I can choose a professional accordingly. Alos, it would be great if anyone of you could suggest me some experts to edit my paper.

asked on 10 Aug 18Archana Bagga archana bagga
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answered on 10 Aug 18

Yes, you are right the terminology used by different professional vary slightly. I don’t know much about editing, but I would try my best to explain to you about the same.
Proofreading is one of the types and the most basic one. In this types of editing only grammatical, punctuation, capitalisation, spelling and word usage mistakes are detected.
Second is copy editing or line editing. The proofreader will check problems related to grammar, style, repetition, word usage, and jargon. The text is examined very minutely in this type of editing.
Third is substantive editing, and it is an advanced version of editing where the entire document is checked and corrected for problems of structure, organisation, coherence, and logical consistency. Some changes are done in the content also so that it makes sense.
So far, I have an idea of only these three services. So depending on the detail, you can choose an editing service that you find suitable.

Mayank Singh mayank singh
answered on 11 Aug 18

I would like to add one more type of editing to the above comment, i.e., scientific editing. It is somewhat similar to substantive editing. The basic difference between the two is that in substantive editing the expert has expertise in editing and the respective subject. Let’s say if the document in question is on Cryptology, then expert who does editing will be from the same background with experience in editing.

Raiman S Raiman S
answered on 12 Aug 18

I think you should go for substantive or scientific editing. Let me tell you one thing with my personal experience that scientific editing is always better than substantive. Rest, it is your choice.

Amrita Goyal amrita goyal
answered on 13 Aug 18
Piyush Batra piyush batra

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