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I am in the first year of my PhD, and this is my first experience. I am facing a lot of problems in the very early stage of thesis writing, i.e., topic selection. I am in a dilemma what should I choose? And on what basis my topic should be?
Please help.

asked on 30 Aug 18Keshav Verma Keshav Verma
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answered on 01 Sep 18

I will tell you some of the key points which you must keep in mind while choosing the topic for your research:
1. Focus on the career path
Choose a topic keeping in mind your career goals. You will be investing a lot of time in your PhD so, it must help you to ace up your career or job opportunity.
2. The topic of Your Interest
It is very important for you to get involved in your dissertation. For that, it is must that you choose a topic of your interest.
3. Knowledge on a Topic
Choose a topic about which you have some prior knowledge. That will help you to complete your dissertation with the flow.
4. An Informative Topic
Rather than focusing on discovering something of lower interest, you better work out on something which can captivate the entire world.

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