Category: Dissertation/ThesisWhat are the newly developed Evolutionary algorithms?

There are many optimisation algorithms recently invented. It is my request from everybody to tell me the names of newly developed algorithms. Expecting a resourceful and a cordial cooperation.

asked on 04 Sep 18Sanjay Singla sanjay singla
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answered on 05 Sep 18

There are numerous Optimization method /Evolutionary algorithms. Such as:
Dorigo and Stutzle (2004)
Artificial immune system optimization; Cutello and Nicosia (2002)
Bacterial foraging optimization ; Kim, Abraham and Cho (2007)
Bee optimization ; Karaboga and Bosturk (2007) Pham et al (2006)
Cuckoo algorithm ; Yang and Deb (2009, 2010)
Differential evolution (DE) ; Storn and Price (1995, 1997)
Firefly optimization ; Yang (2010)
Fish optimization ; Huang and Zhou (2008) 9.Genetic algorithms (GA) ; Haupt and Haupt (2004)
Particle swarm optimization (PSO), Binary Particle Swarm Optimization (BPSO); Eberhart and Kennedy (1995)
Raindrop optimization ; Shah-Hosseini (2009)
Simulated annealing ; Kirkpatrick, Gelatt and Vecchi (1983)
Biogeography-based optimization (BBO),

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