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I am doing a qualitative research, and my question is related to the no. of interviews to be conducted in this type of research. I want to know if there are any minimum-maximum criteria for the number of interviews to be done to meet the research objectives in a qualitative research.

asked on 10 Sep 18Raiman S Raiman S
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answered on 10 Sep 18

There is no hard and fast rule related to this. It depends on the type of study you are doing. If your study is intended to meet rigour and trustworthiness, thick, rich data, then you would need at least 12 interviews. Whereas, in a grounded study you can conduct 12 or more interviews.

Urvi B urvi b
answered on 10 Sep 18

It depends on the sample size in your study.

Brijesh Sharma brijesh sharma
answered on 11 Sep 18

When I was doing my research, I followed the rule called achieving the saturation point. It means to keep on conducting the interviews until you see no new answers are coming from the respondents. So, I would suggest you to do the same.

Ritu Gupta ritu gupta
answered on 11 Sep 18

Minimum 12 and maximum 15 would be good.

Naman Bhalla naman bhalla
answered on 13 Sep 18

This decision in a study depends on how broad your topic is.

Kartik Varma kartik varma

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