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My study has many interviews, and I find it difficult to transcript those interviews. Is there any software that can help me in the process of transcription?

asked on 17 Sep 18Yashti Iyer Yashti Iyer
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answered on 17 Sep 18

One of the computer tools I know is, Transcribe:

Naman Bhalla naman bhalla
answered on 17 Sep 18

You can also take help from youtube. You can upload your audio file on youtube and click the box that generates a transcription.
It is free, and also helps you to maintain the privacy.

Kartik Varma kartik varma
answered on 18 Sep 18

Hi everyone,
I used this tool:
It is very user-friendly.

Varun T varun t
answered on 19 Sep 18

I’d like to suggest you use:, and its free version is also available for Mac OS X and Windows.

Brijesh Sharma brijesh sharma
answered on 19 Sep 18

I used and when I was doing the research.

Supriya Mishra supriya mishra
answered on 20 Sep 18

I used the Dragon software for transcription of the interviews, but it has one disadvantage associated with it, it transcripts the interviews only when they are well recorded, i.e. no external noises, and the participants spoke at a moderate velocity. I was able to dictate non stop the entire interview.

Himakshi B himakshi b

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