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I want to know a software which is not expensive and almost free, so that I can easily use that for evaluating the qualitative data collected.  

asked on 01 Oct 18Aditi Sharma Aditi Sharma
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answered on 01 Oct 18

My suggestion for you would be to use Raven’s Eye to analyse the qualitative data in your study. It helps you to analyse various language. You will also have free access to the manuals and tutorials of the software for a better understanding. I am attaching a link below for your reference:

Amrita Goyal amrita goyal
answered on 02 Oct 18

I think QCAmap could also be on of the softwares you can use. You can’t download this software, but you can upload your file.
PFA link below:

Mansi Singhal mansi singhal
answered on 02 Oct 18

I hope you must have heard about NVIVO, it is a good tool though. It also has a free trial for its users.

Rashi Garg rashi garg
answered on 03 Oct 18

The software you will choose, depends on the type of qualitative data you have in your study. If your qualitative data is in the form of an interview then, you need not to use any software for analysis, if you still want you can use some softwares to transcribe the interviews. For this you can use word, it would be enough for this type of analysis.

Nancy Trivedi nancy trivedi
answered on 04 Oct 18
There is one software called Quirkos. It is not free, but has one-month trial pack, which I think is enough for a scholar. However, Quirkos is specially designed for PhD scholars, and It is easy to use for small text-based projects.

Aanchal S aanchal s

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