Category: SPSSHow to combine different items into one variable?

My study has 50 questionnaires with 5 point Likert scale. The questionnaire contains 7 categories, and each category has 9 questions. How do I combine the 9 different items into one variable, so that I will have 7 variables?
How can I combine different items into one variable with SPSS?

asked on 05 Oct 18Nancy Trivedi nancy trivedi
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answered on 16 Oct 18

I don’t think, you should use SPSS. Instead, Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) can be used to group all the items into one variable. With the help of this method, each item would stand by itself independently.

Luv Bhatia luv bhatia
answered on 17 Oct 18

I would suggest you take help from YouTube. There, you can have a demonstration for your query. I am attaching one link for your reference:

Supriya Mishra supriya mishra
answered on 17 Oct 18

You can calculate the mean with all these questions. With its help, you will have a new variable. Now, you can use this new variable in your study to move forward.

Anju Mehra anju mehra
answered on 18 Oct 18

Moving further, just check whether the measurements are summative or not. I am asking you to do this because sometimes, you are not allowed to compute the total score for some variables. And, if the questionnaire in your study permits, then, you can calculate the total score by
transform> compute variable> set the target variable TOTAL and set in the numeric expression box sum (item1 to item48) > ok

Nitesh Singhal nitesh singhal
answered on 19 Oct 18

Your questionnaire can handle all the items on one analysis because it is structurally good.

Himakshi B himakshi b

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