Category: Dissertation/ThesisWhat is the Ideal value of Cronbach's alpha?

The value of Cronbach’s alpha is .65 in my study, and my question is; what is the ideal value of Cronbach’s alpha.
I have also discussed this with many of my friends, they say that it should be above .70, and if it is so, then, Please let me know how to increase it.

asked on 05 Oct 18Ritu Gupta ritu gupta
4 Answers
answered on 05 Oct 18

Yes, it is .70 only.

Rashi Garg rashi garg
answered on 05 Oct 18

You can directly contact to experts from the link attached:

Mayank Singh mayank singh
answered on 07 Oct 18

Remember, the higher the Cronbach’s Alpha Coefficient is, the better the intercorrelation between items and constructs will be.

Aanchal S aanchal s
answered on 09 Oct 18

There is no such specific ideal value of Cronbach’s alpha. It is dependent on the variables in your study.

Piyush Batra piyush batra

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