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Hello everybody,
I have calculated all the scaled scores in my study, and now, I need to move forward to the analysis part. I am thinking of conducting it with Chi-square test. The sad part is that, I still have this multiple imputed datasets that I created using the trial version of SPSS 22, so, I can’t use Chi-square. I only have the licence for SPSS 18.
Also, tell me how to convert the multiple imputation files into one file that I can use to report meaningful chi-square and other results.

asked on 16 Oct 18Aanchal S aanchal s
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answered on 16 Oct 18

You can calculate the average of the pooled results as an estimate of the missing value. SPSS is responsible for grouping the data when it runs any analysis.

Mayank Singh mayank singh
answered on 18 Oct 18

I am attaching a youtube link for your reference:

Amrita Goyal amrita goyal

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