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I am dealing with non-normally distributed data, which one would be better to perform non-parametric or the parametric analysis?

asked on 18 Oct 18Naman Bhalla naman bhalla
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answered on 18 Oct 18

There is no particular answer to this question, using parametric or non-parametric analysis depends on the questions and details of your research design. Non-parametric tests are not assumption free. Their assumptions are dependent on the context. On the other hand, Non-parametric tests have a broad class of models available. It deals with different types and distributions.

Nancy Trivedi nancy trivedi
answered on 20 Oct 18

The decision of using parametric or non-parametric is dependent on the fundamental change in the test power. If the study is not getting enough transformation, then, non-parametric would be used, Otherwise parametric tests. Non-parametric tests strongly violate the assumption of normality.

Ritu Gupta ritu gupta

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