I am using SPSS in my study, and need to decide between ordinal and scale to use in my study.  I know they are different in meaning, but it seems SPSS treat them the same in calculation. Please tell me the difference between them.

asked on 29 Oct 18Brijesh Sharma brijesh sharma
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answered on 30 Oct 18

There are many types of scales in SPSS:
Ordinal scale: The variable is seen as ordinal when its value shows some intrinsic
Nominal scale: On the other hand, a variable is nominal when it doesn’t represent intrinsic ranking.

Varun T varun t
answered on 31 Oct 18

I don’t think SPSS scales need definition. I have seen many studies where they didn’t care about describing the scale of the variable. It is up to the researcher to understand the difference and choose tests appropriately.

Luv Bhatia luv bhatia

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