Conceptual vs empirical research

I’m not thorough with conceptual and empirical research types. I need some help with it.

asked on 09 Mar 19Vinod D vinod d
3 Answers
answered on 10 Mar 19

Vinod, conceptual research is related to abstract idea/ theory. It is used to develop new concepts or to re-interpret existing ones. Empirical research relies on observation, without due regard for system and theory.

Novi Tulipe Novi Tulipe
answered on 11 Mar 19

Conceptual research focuses on the concept/ a theory that explains the phenomenon being studied. Whereas in empirical research, a study is conducted through investigation and a conclusion is drawn on the basis of information gathered.

Pradeep Sharma Pradeep Sharma
answered on 12 Mar 19
Nidhi S nidhi s

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