Dimensional analysis

I am not aware of dimensional analysis. Please provide me some information about the same.

asked on 09 Mar 19Divya Nayak Divya
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answered on 10 Mar 19

Hello Divya. The dimensional analysis makes use of dimensions and the dimensional formula and based on the physics laws and the principle of homogeneity. In simple words, while solving physics problems, you will have to determine the numerical value and the units of a variable. Determining a unit of the variable is not an easy task. For this purpose we use dimensional analysis method.

Nidhi S nidhi s
answered on 10 Mar 19

Sir, Please give me some examples for the same.

Divya Nayak Divya
answered on 11 Mar 19

Divya, kindly refer https://www.physics.uoguelph.ca/tutorials/dimanaly/. If you have some doubt you can definitely get in touch with me.

Prajwal Sharma Prajwal Sharma
answered on 13 Mar 19

Divya, dimensional analysis is not just used for determining the unit of a variable in an equation, but also helps in checking the consistency of an equation. I.e. All the physical equations should be consistent. But the reverse may not be same.
F = m2× a
F = m × a2 i.e L.H.S. ≠ Dimensions of the R.H.S.

Sonam Bhatia Sonam Bhatia

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