Advantages of sampling technique

My colleague asked me use sampling technique. What are the advantages of using this technique?

asked on 10 Mar 19Mukesh B Mukesh B
3 Answers
answered on 11 Mar 19

The main advantage of sampling technique is a low risk factor. Also, it eliminates clustered selection. Clustered selection, is a phenomenon where randomly chosen samples are uncommonly close together. This is eliminated in systematic sampling. Random samples can deal with this, only by increasing the number of samples.

Nidhi S nidhi s
answered on 12 Mar 19

Few others advantages that were missed by name1 are easy to execute and sense of process. Systematic samples are easy to construct, execute, and compare. It also provides researchers with a degree of control and sense of process, which may be beneficial for studies with strict parameters or a narrowly formed hypothesis.

MEHAK Chaudhary MEHAK Chaudhary
answered on 13 Mar 19

Mukesh,know that along with advantages, sampling technique also have few disadvantages like, need for natural degree randomness, the risk of data manipulation and it assumes sample size of the population.

Divya Nayak Divya

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