How to controll servo motors?

How can a servo motors be controlled? Immediate response will be appreciated.

asked on 11 Mar 19Khaja Mannan khaja Mannan
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answered on 11 Mar 19

Servos can be controlled by sending an electrical pulse, or by pulse width modulation through the control wire. A servo motor can turn only 90° in either direction for a total of 180° movement. The motor’s neutral position is the position where the servo has the same amount of potential rotation in the both direction( clockwise or counter-clockwise). The PWM sent to the motor measures the position of the shaft, and based on the duration of the pulse the rotor will turn to the desired position.

Rachana M rachana m
answered on 12 Mar 19

You can control servo motors via arduino as well. Simply connect the control pin of the servo to the digital pin of the Arduino board, and the GND & the positive wires to the external 5V power supply. Also connect the Arduino GND to the servo GND. You will then require codes to control the motor. I have attached the link. Go through it.

Shiran Khan Shiran Khan
answered on 12 Mar 19

Can you explain with a diagram?

Khaja Mannan khaja Mannan
answered on 13 Mar 19
Raj Shravan Raj Shravan

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