Stages involved in micropropagation

Please explain me the stages involved in micropropagation.

asked on 12 Mar 19Manasa Rao Manasa Rao
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answered on 12 Mar 19

Oh yes. Micropropagation includes 3 stages.
Stage1- In this stage, the culture is establishment in a suitable medium. Selection of an appropriate explant is important in this stage. The most commonly used explants are shoot tips, organs, and axillary buds. The chosen explant is surface sterilized and washed.

Stage2- Here the crucial activity of micro propagation occurs in a defined culture medium. This stage involves multiplication of shoots/ rapid embryo formation.

Stage3- For rapid development of shoots, they are transferred into a medium. The shoots are planted in the soil in order to develop roots.

Riya N Riya N
answered on 13 Mar 19

Manasa, stage 0 and stage 4 can be considered. Stage 0 involves the selection and growth of stock plants under controlled conditions. And in stage 4, the plantlets are established in the soil. This can be done by transferring the plantlets of stage 3 from the lab to the environment.

Rajesh Gundlapalli Rajesh Gundlapalli
answered on 14 Mar 19

Please explain the stages involved in shoot tip culture as well.

Manasa Rao Manasa Rao
answered on 14 Mar 19
Rajesh Gundlapalli Rajesh Gundlapalli

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