Technique to measure the level of growth of bacteria

I want to measure the level of growth of bacteria. How can I do it?

asked on 03 Apr 19Venu R venu r
4 Answers
answered on 05 Apr 19

venu, if you want to roughly estimate the growth then you can measure the diameter of a bacterial colony. This is the easiest way.

Rahul K rahul k
answered on 06 Apr 19

You are right rahul. Fungal colony or bacterial colony spreads from a central point in order to cover the surface of a growth medium. Hence you can easily measure their growth.

Kushi Gupta Kushi Gupta
answered on 07 Apr 19

In liquid culture, the size of the bacteria can be measured by simply counting the cells.

Payal G Payal G
answered on 07 Apr 19

payal, you can measure by counting cells or also by diluting the sample and then counting the cells

Ritesh Tomar Ritesh Tomar

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