Bisect method vs strip method vs quadrat method

I want to determine the vertical distribution of plants. Should I use bisect method, strip method or quadrat method?

asked on 03 Apr 19Dolma Gensangphenpo Dolma Tsering Gensangphenpo
4 Answers
answered on 03 Apr 19

As far as I know quadrat method is used for heterogeneous plants and are in square or circular shape. I don’t think it will help you in determining the vertical distribution of plants.

answered on 05 Apr 19

Use bisect method. This is the right method. It allows to determine profile of a vegetation or vertical distribution of plants.

Kamlesh Meena Kamlesh Meena
answered on 07 Apr 19

Yes use bisect method.

Shiran Khan Shiran Khan
answered on 07 Apr 19

Dolma, bisect method is basically a transect method whereas quadrant method is not a transect method. Read this


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