R vs python

I want to conduct analysis. I was thinking of using the R language. But my friend recommended python language. Which should I use now?

asked on 04 Apr 19Riya N Riya N
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answered on 04 Apr 19

I would recommend using Python. It is the simplest language in the programming world. This is true when it comes to data analysis as well. Also the graphic capabilities of Python makes custom graph plotting an easy task.

Rajshree Tamang Rajshree Tamang
answered on 05 Apr 19

Yes it is wise to use Python. To use R language you should know the high level coding. R is a low level language. Hence even the simplest process requires lengthy codes.

Renu Patel Renu
answered on 06 Apr 19

I suggest you to use R language. It has the ability to manipulate data and also present your data in different ways.

Jessica Jessica
answered on 07 Apr 19

I know few statisticians who are aware of all the statistical tool and are aware of all the statistical tests. They can help you in choosing the right tool and right test. https://www.chanakya-research.com/

Ramesh B Ramesh B
answered on 07 Apr 19

Thank you very much. I will consider you idea of taking help from statisticians

Riya N Riya N

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