Intrinsic method vs Extrinsic method in humanities

There are a diverse range of methods through which I can accomplish research in humanities. I have shortlisted two methods. Which should I use among the two?
1. Intrinsic method 2. Extrinsic method

asked on 04 Apr 19Dipanjan Chattopadhyay Dipanjan Chattopadhyay
3 Answers
answered on 05 Apr 19

Dipanjan if you want to determine the causal relationship between nature of work then you can use intrinsic method.

Jang Bahadur Singh Jang Bahadur Singh
answered on 06 Apr 19

Jang Bahadur you are wrong. Extrinsic method determines the causal relationship between the linguistic or nature of work and not intrinsic method.

Maneesh Upadhya Maneesh Upadhya
answered on 07 Apr 19

Intrinsic method also known as isolationist method concerns solely with the structure and materials. By “structure” and “materials” it does mean not only the elements that comprise content, but also that has a unique relationship with each other, and collectively produce the aesthetic qualities.

Gopalakrishna Kaza Gopalakrishna Kaza

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