Assumptions for conducting linear regression test

Which are the must assumptions that need to be considered while conducting linear regression test?

asked on 04 Apr 19Gopalakrishna Kaza Gopalakrishna Kaza
4 Answers
answered on 05 Apr 19

Gopalakrishna, the most important assumptions are 1) dependent variable should be measured at the continuous level and 2) independent variable should be measured at either continuous or categorical level.

Nithin Rao Nithin Rao
answered on 06 Apr 19

Gopalakrishna, there are many assumptions that should be met while conducting linear regression test. Two of them are already mentioned by nithin. The rest are
There must be no significant outliers
Independence of observations must be present
Data should exhibit homoscedasticity
Linear relationship between dependent variable & independent variables.

Kamlesh Meena Kamlesh Meena
answered on 07 Apr 19

Can you explain them in detail?

Gopalakrishna Kaza Gopalakrishna Kaza
answered on 08 Apr 19
Kamlesh Meena Kamlesh Meena

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