Assumptions for conducting ANOVA test

Are there any assumptions that need to be considered while using ANOVA test?

asked on 04 Apr 19Jane Austen Jane Austen
5 Answers
answered on 04 Apr 19

Yes, there are. Normality, homogeneity and independent observations are the three assumptions.

Rahul Khemnar Rahul S Khemnar
answered on 05 Apr 19

Can you please provide codes to conduct this test in python?

Jane Austen Jane Austen
answered on 06 Apr 19
Rajesh Gundlapalli Rajesh Gundlapalli
answered on 07 Apr 19

I will attach a link below. Go through it. It has all the necessary codes that are used to conduct one way and two way anova test in python.

Julius Dabbs Julius Dabbs
answered on 08 Apr 19

If you need any assistance then reach the statisticians at They can help you in every step of the data analysis process.

Renu Patel Renu

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