Approach to measure disease transmitted by planting material or seeds

How do I measure disease transmitted by planting material or seeds? Please suggest the most reliable method.

asked on 05 Apr 19Abhay R Abhay R
4 Answers
answered on 05 Apr 19

You can use seed health method. I guess you can rely on this method.

answered on 06 Apr 19

Seed health method is a conventional method and cannot be relied upon. In the recent years, Polymerase Chain Reaction method is mostly used. This is a very sensitive and reliable method.

Rajkumar Eligedi Rajkumar Eligedi
answered on 08 Apr 19

Yes I agree with Rajkumar. PCR method is a reliable method. This technique amplifies and makes it possible to detect specific DNA.

Zeba Malik Zeba Malik
answered on 08 Apr 19

I would suggest you to use ELISA technique. Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay is a technique based on an antibody-antigen reaction. This is used for determination of the presence of specific molecules in a given sample.

Arjun Patel Arjun Patel

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