Steps included in digital image processing procedure

Can someone explain to me the steps included in digital image processing procedure? I know that the process includes three steps i.e.
Importing the image via image acquisition tools;
Analysing and manipulating the image;
Output in which result can be altered image or report that is based on image analysis.
Is there any other step included here?

asked on 06 Apr 19Dev Raj Acharya Dev Raj Acharya
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answered on 06 Apr 19

As far as I know there are two types of image processing. Analog and digital image processing. The steps mentioned by most probably the general steps and not specific digital image processing steps.

Radhey Shyam Radhey Shyam
answered on 07 Apr 19

Hey Dev. The steps included in digital image processing are
1.Image acquisition
This is the first step of digital image processing. Image acquisition is as simple as giving an image that is already in digital form. This stage involves process like scaling etc.
2.Image enhancement
The idea behind image enhancement technique is to bring out details that are obscured or may be to highlight specific features of interest in an image.
3. Image restoration
Image restoration deals with improving the appearance of an image. This technique is based on mathematical/ probabilistic models of image degradation.
Compression deals with reducing the storage space required to save an image or the bandwidth required to transmit it.
5. Morphological processing
This process deals with tools for extracting image components.
6. Segmentation
This process procedures partition of an image into its constituent parts or objects.

Roopa K Roopa k
answered on 08 Apr 19

Roopa you have missed out two steps in between. They are color image processing and wavelets and multiresolution processing. These are very important steps. To know about color image processing, read and for wavelets and multiresolution processing read

Thamizhini Nagarajan Thamizhini Nagarajan
answered on 08 Apr 19

Thank you very much for the answers and links.

Dev Raj Acharya Dev Raj Acharya

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