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Formulas used to calculate sample size?

Hey, I am in the 2nd year of my PhD, and my research is related to statistical analysis. I know everything regarding my study except the formulas used to calculate the sample size, which is not letting me move forward. Please help.

asked on 25 Aug 18

Amrita Goyalamrita goyal
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From where I can get my data?

Where can I find sales data and financials of a joint venture company for my study based on finance mainly when the venture was dissolved long back in 2010. Please note that the company annual reports of the Joint venture company are not available now and the annual reports of the companies forming the JV […]


asked on 30 Jul 18

Yashti IyerYashti Iyer
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Hello folks! I am thinking of doing my PhD from Stanford University.  After thinking a lot about my research area, i came to a decision of writing my paper on “Theater and Gothic Novel”. I find this topic interesting. I truly haven’t settled on any speculation or any research objective. I am considering running with […]

asked on 18 Jul 18

Keshav VermaKeshav Verma
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Help in data collection!!

The topic of my research is growth of Coca-Cola through acquisitions: A case study to assess the pros and cons. I discussed this topic with my supervisor and he said it’s a good topic to work on. I searched online for the list of mergers and Acquisitions but, couldn’t find it. Please help as I […]

asked on 12 Jul 18

Keshav VermaKeshav Verma
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MANCOVA statistics

Good evening, my study needs to conduct repeated measures MANCOVA in SPSS software, as i need to calculate the dependent variable at 5 periods of time (months). Also, the dependent variable at each month is related with 3 independent variables. I thought it would be easy but now when i need to do it i […]

asked on 12 Jul 18

Pradeep SharmaPradeep Sharma
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Data collection

What are the dependable ways through which I can gather the data for my research on internet? I thought making the web surveys and sending customized emails to the respondents would carry out the activity best, however then I truly don’t know how to do it. Additionally, I need to clear if online data gathering […]

asked on 09 Jul 18

Sur Msur m
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Research papers related to my area of research.

Hey everyone, i am doing PhD in marketing. I have selected, “exploiting brand marketing for building brand reputation, competence and loyalty among consumers” as the topic of my research. But now i couldn’t find appropriate research papers from where i can collect the data. I can’t even change the topic now as it has been […]

asked on 07 Jul 18

Yashti IyerYashti Iyer
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Primary and secondary data

My research background is economics and the topic of my research is,”the macroeconomics of SMEs entrepreneurship in Indian market.” I have collected the primary and secondary data for my research and it was very easy to do that but now i am stuck as my supervisor is pressuring me to use them together and i […]

asked on 07 Jul 18

Sonali JainSonali Jain
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Assistance in Data Analysis

Hello people, i am working on a research which is about obesity. I have completed till RM chapter. It was going so well but now i need to analyse my data collected and i have no idea about it. Should i look for some softwares online or i should ask for my supervisor’s help, or […]

asked on 18 Jun 18

Sonali JainSonali Jain
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Methods to collect data

Whenever i write my paper i always get puzzled with this irritating method of how to collect data. I always face difficulty while deciding an appropriate way to collect data. My research is on increasing divorce rates. I have no idea about how to collect data and which method would be the most suitable to […]

asked on 13 Jun 18

Sonali JainSonali Jain