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The significance of 2 different values

After doing many tests I got two values which are significantly different considering the standard deviation that I calculated before. I know that some statistical tests exist but I don’t know which one I should use. Any suggestions, please.


Focus Group Discussions

asked on 29 Oct 18

Luv Bhatialuv bhatia
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Can I use parametric tests?

The variable in my study is percentage, So, can I use parametric tests on these kinds of variables? I think the reason behind percentage variable is the less number of trials. If I can use this tests, then, also, tell me how to use it.


asked on 27 Oct 18

Kartik Varmakartik varma
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Difference between systematic Review and meta-analysis?

You must have understood my question. So, please help me with the best links and suggestions.



asked on 20 Oct 18

Anju Mehraanju mehra
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Confused regarding data analysis.

My query is how to perform data analysis for multiple choice questions and answers. I have 60 respondents from 4 different fields. Please help me in choosing the most suitable test for my study.

Data Analysis using STATA



asked on 05 Oct 18

Sur Msur m
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Can I use mixed method for the survey in my paper

I need to conduct a survey in my study, but the thing which is confusing me is which methodology to use. Can I use a mixed methodology? On what basis I should decide that? The topic of my research is, ‘relationship between haemoglobin concentration and fresh pork quality characteristics.’ Thank you.  



asked on 10 Sep 18

Nancy Trivedinancy trivedi
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Help me in finding papers, articles related to my research topic

Hey, I am in the 1st year of my PhD and need your help in finding relevant papers, articles related to my research topic. The topic of my research is: Deteriorating agricultural products in the supply chain. Could you guys help me pls?



asked on 04 Sep 18

Archit Darchit d
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Positives/Negatives of high compression ratio?

What are the Positives/Negatives of the high compression ratio in engines?Thanks!!



asked on 23 Aug 18

Nilisha Yadavnilisha yadav
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Career options after PhD

I am just about to complete my PhD but one question always strikes my mind that what will I do after PhD? What are the career options? In which field I should go? What is the appropriate domain to set my life in? Please help.


asked on 21 Jul 18

Nilisha Yadavnilisha yadav
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Research Hypotheses

I wish to know something more about various types of hypotheses and forms of stating them with illustration


asked on 20 Jul 18

Noushad FerokeNoushad Feroke
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Wind power forecasting

Hi I carry my research in the field of wind power forecasting. I like to get suggest regarding the satistitical approch in wind power forecasting.

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asked on 18 Jul 18