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IEEE journal

I have just completed writing my review paper, and now I want to publish it in an IEEE journal, and I have no idea about the procedure. What should I do?Please help!!

Journal Paper Writing

asked on 31 Jul 18

Lisa HedgewellLisa Hedgewell
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Writing a journal paper

Hello, I am going to write an empirical paper for my thesis. For that, I am taking 3 objectives and research questions out of 6 from my thesis. It’s turning out to be a tiresome job, what do I include, what not to include? As the objectives are pretty interrelated, I am confused as to […]

Journal Paper Writing

asked on 22 Jul 18

Nilisha Yadavnilisha yadav
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Journal with low cost for publication

Hey, I was thinking of publishing my paper in a journal but when I looked around for the journal they are charging a lot of amount for publishing a paper. So, my concern is to know the journals which have a very low cost for publishing. My domain is food science and technology.

Journal Paper Writing

asked on 19 Jul 18

Brijesh Sharmabrijesh sharma
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Keywords for journal paper

I took my paper to a journal to get it published but they have asked me to first add some keywords to make it accessible all over. They said it would only be beneficial for me. But I have no idea what sort of keywords I should add? From where I will get them? Please […]

Journal Paper Writing

asked on 13 Jul 18

Piyush Batrapiyush batra
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Suggest me some journal without publication fees.

Hey friends, i am so happy that i have completed my doctoral research and its been approved from my supervisor also. My background is operations research and the topic of my study is: assessing the role of logistics management in the performance of shipping and port operation industry with specific pertinence to third party logistics. […]

Journal Paper Writing

asked on 07 Jul 18

Rajshree TamangRajshree Tamang
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Best journal to publish my research paper

Hey everyone, i need an immediate help as now a days i am looking for some good journals where i can publish my work and get good results. I looked for them on internet but was not able to find them, i also tried asking from my friends but nobody helped. The topic of my […]

Journal Paper Writing

asked on 12 Jun 18

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Referencing with Mendeley

I have already used Mendeley reference manager for my paper manuscript that requires APA format but I realised that authors names are also carrying et al and incomplete at the reference list section, pls how do I go about correcting ?

Journal Paper Writing

asked on 01 Mar 18

Isiaka MuhammadIsiaka Muhammad
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What to do when High Impact factor journals reject your papers??

I am more than halfway done (completed more than 3 years) with my PhD program but recently have encountered a major issue with my research. Two research papers that I had written which basically contain most of the research that is in my thesis have been rejected by three journals with a high impact factor […]

Journal Paper Writing

SCI Indexed Journal Papers

asked on 07 Feb 18

Priyanshu RathorePriyanshu Rathore
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Journals by Thomson Reuters

I have to publish research papers in the coming year. My topic is related to social injustice. Any idea on the journals indexed by Thomson Reuters? I was asked to specifically check this out by my professor. Other suggestions r also welcome..

Concept paper

Journal Paper Writing

Review Paper

asked on 19 Jan 18

Anubhav KumarAnubhav Kumar
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What are the types of research papers?

I’m a research scholar in psychology studying child psychology towards racism. I have to publish atleast 3 papers as part of the program. Are there different types of papers? I heard my colleagues using some technical terms that I haven’t heard before. Pls give some suggestions on the papers that I can possibly work on…

Journal Paper Writing

Review Paper


asked on 19 Jan 18

Yashti IyerYashti Iyer