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Literature review

I am doing part time PhD from past 7 months and have been managing with it alongside my job. It was going all great but I have some problems which I am facing while writing the literature review. Recently, I have gone through a very bad phase and I think this is affecting my research. […]

Literature Review

asked on 18 Jul 18

Mayank Singhmayank singh4 Questions
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Literature Review

I am working on a history project nowadays and history students know that one of the interesting aspects of history projects is the vast amount of literature that has already been written on the topic. Obviously, it is difficult for the researcher to go back in time and personally examine what happened at a specific […]

Literature Review

asked on 08 Jul 18

Sur Msur m4 Questions
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Wind power forecasting

Hi I carry my research in the field of wind power forecasting. I like to get suggest regarding the satistitical approch in wind power forecasting.

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asked on 18 Jul 18

GuganGugan1 Questions
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No idea about literature review

I am writing my research paper on campus violence. In this paper i will talk about the increasing violence in campus and universities now a days and right now i am dealing with the chapter literature review. There are a lot of problems which i am facing while writing my literature review in my paper. […]

Literature Review

asked on 12 Jun 18

Pradeep SharmaPradeep Sharma9 Questions
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Can’t find relevant literature!

Being a researcher in Psychology, I thought there would be huge literature to study in my field of interest, but I was wrong. I researched on my topic for more than a month, but there was nothing relevant to my study. How do I find the proper study on my topic when the topic has […]

Literature Review

asked on 08 Jun 18

Yashti IyerYashti Iyer15 Questions
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How to manage my References for Literature Review?

I collected a lot of literature over the last 6 months. And I have already started writing the literature review for my thesis on Word as I don’t want to rush my work later. But the no. of files are like enormous and it’s getting difficult for me to keep a track of it. Though […]


Literature Review

Thesis/Dissertation Chapters


asked on 19 Jan 18

Sonali JainSonali Jain11 Questions
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How do I make a Concept matrix for LR?

I am in a bit of a fix, for the literature review section of my PhD thesis my supervisor had earlier told me to include a concept matrix  that would include details from the resources I have picked up, and according to him, it would enhance the “readability” of my thesis. The only problem was […]

Literature Review

asked on 20 Jan 18

Yashti IyerYashti Iyer15 Questions