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MATLAB code?

I need to do HRR calculation in my research but I am not sure about the procedure, or you can say which MATLAB code to employ. Please, someone, tell me is there any available MATLAB code for engine HRR calculation?



asked on 25 Aug 18

Mayank Singhmayank singh
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Can EES program be used as a function of a MATLAB program?

Hi all, I have a serious problem with EES program. Please let me know that the EES program can be used as a function of a MATLAB program or not.Thanks,


asked on 22 Aug 18

Mayank Singhmayank singh
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Matlab software

Hello, I am pursuing my PhD in Advanced Prediction area, now my university wants me to analyze the thermal images using the Matlab software. Can anyone suggest me how to process thermal images in Matlab?


asked on 04 Aug 18

Nancy Trivedinancy trivedi
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How to remove border?

Hey, I need to remove the border of a polar plot using MATLAB, but the problem is I am using MATLAB for the very first time so, I have no idea about how to do it. Please tell me some ways so that I can remove the same.


asked on 03 Aug 18

Ritu Guptaritu gupta
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How to isolate a specific part of an image using MATLAB?

Hey, suppose I have an eye image, in that image I draw a circle. Now I want to isolate the circle part from the rest of the image. Now, this is the main problem which I am facing I don’t know how to do that using MATLAB. Please, if anyone here from the same background […]


asked on 28 Jul 18

Naman Bhallanaman bhalla
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Should I use MATLAB or not?

I am from background and i am doing research about Signal Processing. First, let me brief you about my research background. Signal Processing is the process of performing operations on signals for modification and amplification. Signal processing improves the quality and efficiency of signals. I have written introduction chapter and had already collected my […]


asked on 29 Jun 18

Aditi SharmaAditi Sharma