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How to apply for a postdoctoral position in the US?

I have completed my PhD program, and want to continue with the postdoctoral studies. But I am wondering how to apply for the postdoctoral position if, I want to apply in the US schools? What is the procedure and criteria for admissions in the same?  

PhD Admission

asked on 21 Sep 18

Varun Tvarun t
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List of universities offering Integrated PhD in India

Hey, I wish to pursue PhD, but I would prefer to choose a university which offers an integrated PhD here in India. Please tell me some of the names. I have been studying economics for the past five years and wish to continue with the same. Please help me.  

PhD Admission

asked on 10 Sep 18

Amrita Goyalamrita goyal
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List of universities

Hey, I wish to get admission in PhD in ECE. Could you guys please suggest me some name of the universities who don’t ask for GATE/NET for admission in the same.

PhD Admission

asked on 05 Sep 18

Rashi Gargrashi garg
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When can I apply to the PhD program?

I have not finished my masters till now. So, am I eligible to apply to the doctoral program already?

PhD Admission

asked on 04 Sep 18

Himakshi Bhimakshi b
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Milestones to keep in mind

I registered in a doctoral program 2 days back, and the program is going to begin in a month. I want to know what are the main milestones that I should keep in mind.

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asked on 04 Sep 18

Supriya Mishrasupriya mishra
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Scholarship in Canada?

Hi I have just completed my Mtech from Ip university, and now I want to do PhD. I want to do PhD from Canada, and I want to know about the scholarship for PhD in Canada. What is the procedure for the same? Thanks in advance

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asked on 04 Sep 18

Mansi Singhalmansi singhal
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How do I get to know that which university is best for PhD according to my domain?

I wish to do PhD in management, but unfortunately, I am facing some issues in deciding which university to join. I can’t decide which university is best for me according to my domain.Please, help.

PhD Admission

asked on 30 Aug 18

Rajshree TamangRajshree Tamang
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How do I decide which university to apply to?

I thought it would be easy to decide which university I should apply for my PhD program, but there are so many options which are all together making me confuse. On what basis should I choose my university?

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asked on 30 Aug 18

Nancy Trivedinancy trivedi
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How much time does a thesis writing take to get completed?

I am planning to start PhD in finance, but my concern is the timings as I don’t have that much time to invest in thesis writing. I have my job as well. So, my query is how much time does a thesis writing take to get completed?

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asked on 28 Aug 18

Sanjay Singlasanjay singla
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Topic suggestion for my thesis

I wish to begin my PhD, but first, I would like to clear my thoughts and doubts which are regarding the topic of the research. I am still very dicey about the topic and want you guys to help me to choose one topic. Suggest me some topic related to computer science.

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Topic Ideas

asked on 25 Aug 18

Varun Tvarun t