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what is plagiarism?

I have completed my thesis, and now my mentor wants me to check it’s plagiarism, but the problem is I don’t know what it is? And how it is checked?

asked on 30 Aug 18

Lalit MudraLalit Mudra
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I have completed my thesis just three days before and submitted it to my supervisor for checking. He handed over me the document and have asked to check and remove plagiarism. First, it is not possible in my paper as I have entirely written my paper on my own, and secondly, I don’t know how […]



asked on 06 Aug 18

Aanchal Saanchal s
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Plagiarism in my paper

Hey everyone, I am in a big problem right now. I have just completed my research paper and gave it to my supervisor to check it and what I got in return was a document telling me that my research’s plagiarism percentage is above 75 and it was like living the worst nightmare ever. Please […]

asked on 24 Jul 18

Naman Bhallanaman bhalla
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How to check plagiarism

I am scared as there are strict guidelines from my university that if plagiarism come above 10% they will not even give one chance, they will directly reject the dissertation and my mentor is very strict  and particular about all this. I have written my whole dissertation myself only but i am still scared as […]

asked on 13 Jun 18

Yashti IyerYashti Iyer
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Checking Plagiarism in Thesis

I have to check d plagiarism in my thesis. Is it safe to check it over internet using free software? Since its my PhD work, I am very scared to share it with anyone. Is there any reliable way to check d plag so that its safe and I can show d results to my […]


asked on 19 Jan 18

Aditi SharmaAditi Sharma