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Are surveys necessary in establishing theoretical models like TAM

Hi I am planning to use user adoption models for BOTS to understand thier success rates. Should this be only done through surveys or can i use text minin techniques to establish the factors?


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asked on 21 Sep 18

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How to score a Likert Scale?

I have developed a scale, and I want to know how to score the responses. What is the procedure to decide whether we have to start from 0 or 1 for each item?

Questionnaire Design

asked on 17 Sep 18

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How to convert a Likert-scored items to the simple scales?

I have learned how to use a Likert scale, but never got any guidance on how to examine the resulting data. Hence, I would like to start a thread here. Please help me.

Questionnaire Design

asked on 17 Sep 18

Manpreet JaiswalManpreet Jaiswal
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What is the semi-structured questionnaire?

Hey, please tell me in brief about the semi-structured questionnaire. My mentor has asked me to use that in the study. And also, How do I investigate data from semi-structured questionnaires? Thanks in advance!

Questionnaire Design

asked on 17 Sep 18

Krishan PancholiKrishan Pancholi
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Are open-ended questions in a questionnaire enough?

Hi scholars, I have 4 questionnaires in my study, and 3 of them are full with open and close-ended questions but 4th questionnaire has only open-ended questions. I am using a mixed method in my study. So, is it ok to have only open ended questions in 1 questionnaire out of 4. I have been […]

Questionnaire Design

asked on 17 Sep 18

Lisa HedgewellLisa Hedgewell
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What type of questions in a questionnaire?

I am using the mixed approach in my study, but have no idea of what type of questions should I include in the questionnaire? Please help me.

Questionnaire Design

asked on 17 Sep 18

Lalit MudraLalit Mudra
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How to convert different point Likert scales for all questionnaires?

My study is very wide and has 4 questionnaires each have the different Likert scale. Two of them are the 6-point Likert scale, the other two are the 8-point. How to analyze them together? Is it better to modify all of them on the same point Likert scale to simplify data analysis?   Please help. […]

Questionnaire Design

asked on 05 Sep 18

Archana Baggaarchana bagga
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Looking for a questionnaire for my study.

I am looking for Likert Scale Questionnaire for measuring Employee Happiness or Workplace Happiness. It would be great if anyone of you would share existing researches with the questionnaire.  

Questionnaire Design

asked on 04 Sep 18

Varun Tvarun t
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How to plan a questionnaire?

I need to plan a questionnaire for my research, but the problem is that I have no idea how to design a questionnaire. What are the steps included in the process?

Questionnaire Design

asked on 28 Aug 18

Himakshi Bhimakshi b
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How to find the reliability of a questionnaire?

I submitted my research paper to my mentor, and he has asked me to check the reliability of the questionnaire. I want to know which software can be used to test the reliability of the questionnaire, and what is the minimum sample size required? I am thinking of to use Cronbach Alpha, is it the […]

Questionnaire Design

asked on 25 Aug 18

Ritu Guptaritu gupta