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Are surveys necessary in establishing theoretical models like TAM

Hi I am planning to use user adoption models for BOTS to understand thier success rates. Should this be only done through surveys or can i use text minin techniques to establish the factors?


Quantitative analysis

Questionnaire Design

Research Methodology

asked on 21 Sep 18

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Which methodology to use?

I am in the 2nd year of my PhD, and the thing which is confusing me is which methodology should I choose. Should I choose a qualitative, quantitative or mixed method? On what basis we choose a methodology? Please help me.

Research Methodology

asked on 04 Sep 18

Kartik Varmakartik varma
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Not able to find any relevant sources for my research paper

I have been trying from a quite while for the appropriate sources for my paper, but couldn’t find any. This problem is not letting me proceed with my writing. Please help me ASAP.

Research Methodology

asked on 30 Aug 18

Mansi Singhalmansi singhal
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I have some issues in calculating the heat release rate

I don’t have a clear picture of the parameters of the heat release rate that’s why I am facing a major issue while calculating the heat release rate in my study.I am confused, do I need cylinder volume for every crank angle degree or not? Can anyone help me in this regard?


Research Methodology

asked on 25 Aug 18

Mansi Singhalmansi singhal
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Model for statistical analysis

Hi everyone here, nowadays, I am stuck with this statistical analysis model. It would be great if someone could demonstrate how to design a model before any statistical analysis?


Research Methodology

Statistical Analysis

asked on 15 Aug 18

Amrita Goyalamrita goyal
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Descriptive and Explanatory research

I will directly come to my question which is, What is the difference between Descriptive and Explanatory research?

Research Methodology

asked on 08 Aug 18

Amrita Goyalamrita goyal
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Best methodology

Hey guys, I need your assistance while deciding the best methodology for my research. I am a PhD student working on a topic, Construction of engineered Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain to improve that whole-cell biocatalytic production of melibiose from Raffinose. I started my research on a good note but now I am stuck with the methodology […]

Research Methodology

asked on 29 Jul 18

Piyush Batrapiyush batra
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Secondary data methodology

Hello everybody, today I am here because I want to have some definite thoughts regarding the methodology to be used in my paper. The secondary data of my document is based on public debt management. Please suggest the methodology I should use?

Research Methodology

asked on 27 Jul 18

Himakshi Bhimakshi b
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Case analysis

Hi, I am a law student and pursuing my PhD. My research is about the legal cases, but I am facing some issues while analysing my legal case. So, my question from all of you is how to do legal case analysis? What sort of process needs to be followed?


Research Methodology

asked on 26 Jul 18

Luv Bhatialuv bhatia
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Hey all, I have just now begun with my PhD, and now, I need to decide the research methodology for my study. I understand that this stage is highly important for my paper. So nowadays, I am continuously reading about different methodologies which I can use, and I noted down some of them which are […]

Research Methodology

asked on 25 Jul 18

Mansi Singhalmansi singhal