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Best methodology

Hey everyone, I am in the 1st year of my PhD and working on a project with a topic A Survey on Consumers’ Perspective on the role of Emotional Branding. I have written its introductory chapter, and now, I need to write the RM chapter, but I have no idea as to how I will […]

Research Methodology

Thesis/Dissertation Chapters

asked on 21 Jul 18

Sanjay Singlasanjay singla2 Questions
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Research tool

My query is about how to develop a research tool. In fact, it would be great if someone could brief me about What is a research tool? How to determine it? What are the things that need to include in it?

Research Methodology

asked on 21 Jul 18

Piyush Batrapiyush batra6 Questions
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My research findings

Hey, the biggest problem of my life is that my research findings don’t match my expectations and so to with the objectives and aims of my study. Everything was going so well until the time I studied the results of my research carefully I got to know that they are totally different from my objectives […]

Research Methodology

asked on 19 Jul 18

Amrita Goyalamrita goyal5 Questions
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Research Method

Hello there all, I am pursuing  PhD. I am at methodology chapter from quite a while. This chapter is taking significantly more time than it should. Even in the wake of contributing so many days, I can’t choose which strategy should I incorporate into my research. I can’t choose as to which approach will be […]

Research Methodology

asked on 07 Jul 18

Varun Tvarun t5 Questions
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Confused about methodology and analysis

Hi I require some suggestions in regards to what sort of investigation I ought to do, possibly mixed method, utilizing thematic analysis with quantitative research. I am somewhat lost as it is very confusing. In my study, I need to do research on the marketing strategies adopted by the foreign brands dealing with clothes in […]


Research Methodology

asked on 16 Jul 18

Naman Bhallanaman bhalla3 Questions
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Wind power forecasting

Hi I carry my research in the field of wind power forecasting. I like to get suggest regarding the satistitical approch in wind power forecasting.

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asked on 18 Jul 18

GuganGugan1 Questions
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Methodologies and data collection help!

Good afternoon I am in the first year of my PhD in strategic management studies and i am facing problem in choosing a perfect data collection and analysis method. The basic problem is that i have no idea about the types of methodologies. The topic of my research is statistical analysis on Strategic management of […]

Research Methodology

asked on 12 Jul 18

Rajshree TamangRajshree Tamang12 Questions
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Secondary resources

Hi All! I’m currently pursuing my PhD and my research project is about how the diet of people can affect the heart problems. I have decided to read existing research works in this field and i have thought of taking help from the nutritionists in designing diet charts. I have to give a proposal to […]

Research Methodology

asked on 12 Jul 18

Keshav VermaKeshav Verma10 Questions
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Difference between multivariate and bivariate analysis

Hello, the background of my research is child labour. I have collected my data by conducting survey with open ended questions. Now i have to work on my data analysis. I googled the methods of data analysis appropriate for my research background and i found that there are two ways through which i can analyse […]

Research Methodology

asked on 07 Jul 18

Lalit MudraLalit Mudra12 Questions
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What to go for? Qualitative or Quantitative?

Hi everyone! I am stuck at selecting the most suitable methodology. While in my proposal I suggested using qualitative method, I am confused now at the stage of actually collecting the data. Ill give a brief on my research. I am studying about the integration of HR with technology and how it has affected the […]

Research Methodology

asked on 31 May 18

Rajshree TamangRajshree Tamang12 Questions