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Designing a powerful interview protocol

My supervisor suggested me to conduct interviews after reading my paper but he supervised me only a little about how the interview protocol is developed and how transcripts are refined. This was not at all useful. Is someone here who can guide me in creating an interview protocol for qualitative research?

Research Methods Interviews

asked on 19 Jul 18

Shubham Bichwanishubham bichwani
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Wind power forecasting

Hi I carry my research in the field of wind power forecasting. I like to get suggest regarding the satistitical approch in wind power forecasting.

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asked on 18 Jul 18

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Demographic questionnaire?

Hi everybody, my background is literature and in my research, i am comparing the women in urban areas and in rural areas today. So, i need to develop a demographic questionnaire for measuring the difference between “rural” & “urban” situation of marginalized women now a days as there is a big difference between them one […]

Research Methods Interviews

asked on 12 Jul 18

Lalit MudraLalit Mudra
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Facing problem in conducting interviews

Hello! I am a PhD student of sociology, the subject of my study is a nomadic indigenous community that remains to be hunters and gatherers. The objective of my research is to discuss their lifestyles and also to study the effects of adopting new means of livelihood, within the community.  In order to study this […]

Research Methods Interviews

asked on 27 Jun 18

Priyanshu RathorePriyanshu Rathore
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Confused about Data collection method

Hi! I am doing a study on how the afternoon nap affects the productivity of homemakers. I have read enough literature on the topic to prepare a hypothesis. However, I think I should use interview as a method to collect the data and carry the research. But I am not confident with what kind of […]

Research Methodology

Research Methods Interviews

asked on 06 Jun 18

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How to pick qualitative Research methodolgy?

I’m confused about which research methodology I should pick for my PhD research proposal. My research is focused to studying the experience of Indian immigrants working in the middle east as manual labourers or as domestic staff. It will include discussing their experience of immigration and the process of cultural assimilation in the new country […]

Research Methods Interviews

asked on 16 Jan 18

Anubhav KumarAnubhav Kumar