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Software used

I have some files with an extension of .do and .dta, and I am confused about which software was used to create these type of files. Anyone here, could please help me?

Software Implementation

asked on 17 Aug 18

Naman Bhallanaman bhalla
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Software help

I am writing my thesis in civil engineering, and I need to use software to modify the design of the gearbox. I had to set up different specifications in which I will test and suggest the best possible changes in the design. Can anyone recommend me which software is suitable for this?

Software Implementation

asked on 06 Aug 18

Raiman SRaiman S
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Hi, I am presently pursuing my PhD in 1st year. My research is about analysing the temperature behaviour of materials when used in buildings. Can anyone suggest me a software which I can use in this case for predicting the temperature behaviour for my proposed material?

Software Implementation

asked on 26 Jul 18

Brijesh Sharmabrijesh sharma
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Hey, everyone, I am in 2nd year of my PhD and doing my research on the literacy ratio in urban areas, and for that matter, I require to use JMP in my study. I googled it and found that there is no free download available for this software, but I need to do this. Please […]

Software Implementation

asked on 25 Jul 18

Shubham Bichwanishubham bichwani
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Appropriate software

I have planned to pursue my PhD in Data science. I am at the initial stage of my research and analysing the various fields in which I can work. I have narrow down two fields like prediction of diseases using medical data and sales forecasting. But, I am still not convinced about which tool to […]

Software Implementation

asked on 23 Jul 18

Supriya Mishrasupriya mishra
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Suggestions about softwares

Hi, I am pursuing my PhD in Thermal Engineering and I am presently working on heat reduction technique for automotive application. I want some suggestions about which softwares are more user-friendly to carry out the material analysis for the same?

Software Implementation

asked on 19 Jul 18

Aanchal Saanchal s
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Analysis of designed system using softwares

Hello, I am in my final stage of my PhD in new machine design area. For my final presentation, my university requires the actual efficiency of my proposed machine, hence my question is how can I analyse the actual efficiency of a designed system using softwares?           

Software Implementation

asked on 18 Jul 18

Raiman SRaiman S
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Software suitable for my research type

Hello everyone. I am currently pursuing my PhD in computer networks and completed my course work. I need some suggestions on how to go forward with my research. I have formulated some idea to design novel algorithm but during the process, I am struck up. Routing protocol is designed which is already existing. Need guidance […]

Software Implementation

asked on 18 Jul 18

Ritu Guptaritu gupta
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Wind power forecasting

Hi I carry my research in the field of wind power forecasting. I like to get suggest regarding the satistitical approch in wind power forecasting.

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asked on 18 Jul 18

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Suggestions for softwares

I am doing PhD from Pondicherry University in microbiology. The topic of my research is Microbial Biofilms: Case reviews on the Bacterial and fungal pathogens persisting on biomaterials and environmental substrate. I have collected data for my research but now i have to analyse it and it’s confusing. So, I need help in analysis of […]

Software Implementation

asked on 12 Jul 18

Sonali JainSonali Jain