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Pooled dataset in SPSS: Procedure?

Hello everybody,I have calculated all the scaled scores in my study, and now, I need to move forward to the analysis part. I am thinking of conducting it with Chi-square test. The sad part is that, I still have this multiple imputed datasets that I created using the trial version of SPSS 22, so, I […]


asked on 16 Oct 18

Aanchal Saanchal s
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How to combine different items into one variable?

My study has 50 questionnaires with 5 point Likert scale. The questionnaire contains 7 categories, and each category has 9 questions. How do I combine the 9 different items into one variable, so that I will have 7 variables? How can I combine different items into one variable with SPSS?  


asked on 05 Oct 18

Nancy Trivedinancy trivedi
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What is the procedure to run the CFA in SPSS?

I want to confirm the adopted items from my previous studies, and I am thinking of using SPSS for the same. Is it ok to use SPSS as an analysis technique in my study?  


asked on 05 Oct 18

Nitesh Singhalnitesh singhal
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Issues in using SPSS

I am hell irritated right now. As I need to use this SPSS software, and I don’t know what to do with this. Please help me by attaching some links, or share some relevant information here with me.


asked on 22 Aug 18

Rashi Gargrashi garg
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Factor analysis on SPSS

I am feeling so good that my questionnaire is ready and even my data collection process is also done. My sample size is 200. My mentor has recommended to use factor analysis on SPSS. And the bad news is statistics is not my forte. So, I want to have some basic understanding of what factor […]


asked on 15 Aug 18

Mansi Singhalmansi singhal
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Recovery of components

My query is about the no of components which I can recover in principal component analysis. I have a data containing nine variables, and I am using SPSS software for the same. How many components can I retrieve from these variables? Please help.


asked on 04 Aug 18

Supriya Mishrasupriya mishra
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R software instead of SPSS

I am thinking of using R software instead of SPSS software, but I am confused about my decision as I don’t know when do we use R software instead of SPSS?So, please help.


asked on 30 Jul 18

Aanchal Saanchal s
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R and SPSS

I want to use R and SPSS both in one analysis. Is it possible?


asked on 29 Jul 18

Sanjay Singlasanjay singla
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I need to run STATA when the data is already in SPSS file. Can I do that?


asked on 28 Jul 18

Sanjay Singlasanjay singla
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Hi, my topic of research is “RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES IN INDIA: AN ECONOMIC ANALYSIS OF POST REFORM PERIOD”. Can I do this study? If yes, then can I use SPSS for analysis of the study? And one more thing what do I need to do to conduct such analysis?


asked on 24 Jul 18

Archana Baggaarchana bagga