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How to do secondary data analysis?

Hi! I am unable to understand how to do secondary data analysis on my research topic “critical analysis of water resource accessibility in India and other countries”. I need to do discussion and conclusion as well based on that. Can you please help me out?

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asked on 20 Apr 18

Rajshree TamangRajshree Tamang4 Questions
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Software for statistical analysis of quantitative secondary data?

My research topic is related to stock markets. I am using secondary data from the year 1990. Now, the amount of data is too much for me to handle. I have knowledge of only Excel and SPSS, and while doing data analysis using Excel is not feasible. And, if I am trying to do this […]

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asked on 25 Jan 18

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Literature Review – 17th century Female Stage Actors

Hi. So I’m pursuing my PhD research on the following area – “Emergence of Female actors on Stage”. I am basically researching on the Restoration Period, 17th century England, currently doing a Literature Review. I’m looking forward to explore a dimension under this category. Any kind of suggestion would be appreciated.

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asked on 20 Jun 17

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