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Formatting dissertation: APA

I am finding it really difficult to format my dissertation according to the APA guidelines. I have tried doing it myself, I have tried influencing my friends into doing it, but it’s not fine. There are so many small things that the document not coming across perfectly.  Further, the writing conventions of APA are to […]



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asked on 05 May 18

Priyanshu RathorePriyanshu Rathore3 Questions
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Where can I get substantive editing for my research paper done?

I am a senior manager in the corporate field and utilizing my experience and expertise in this field I have been researching on managerial behaviour and managerial skills to boost motivation among the employees, for quite a sometime now, having formulated a research paper on the same topic I have decided to get my research […]

Substantive Editing

asked on 01 Feb 18

Anubhav KumarAnubhav Kumar5 Questions