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How to conduct a systematic literature review?

I am pursuing my PhD in social science. I am new in this field and have no idea about how to write my literature review chapter. How many literatures should I include in this chapter?Please help me to find a correct way.

Literature Review

Thesis/Dissertation Chapters

asked on 25 Aug 18

Raiman SRaiman S
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Discussion chapter

Hi, my study is based on melodrama and how the people of Kashmir are portrayed in it. So basically, I adopted a case study and interpretive approach for analyzing the data, where I reviewed films and serials and gave my interpretation. My results are ready, and I have a clear picture of my research. I […]

Thesis/Dissertation Chapters

asked on 30 Jul 18

Shubham Bichwanishubham bichwani
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Research chapters

I need to start writing my research paper but have no idea about the no. of chapters to be included in a paper. The background of my research is literature. So, please help me by suggesting some good links to existing research papers and some information about the no. of chapters.  

Thesis/Dissertation Chapters

asked on 28 Jul 18

Aanchal Saanchal s
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Data analysis

I have used several psychological questionnaires which are converted into continuous variables that are already transferred on SPSS. I have all the data ready on spss. Is it possible to do the analysis using SEM on AMOS?


Thesis/Dissertation Chapters

asked on 28 Jul 18

Archana Baggaarchana bagga
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Best methodology

Hey everyone, I am in the 1st year of my PhD and working on a project with a topic A Survey on Consumers’ Perspective on the role of Emotional Branding. I have written its introductory chapter, and now, I need to write the RM chapter, but I have no idea as to how I will […]

Research Methodology

Thesis/Dissertation Chapters

asked on 21 Jul 18

Sanjay Singlasanjay singla
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Dividing chapters within a dissertation, is it important?

I made my whole thesis and gave it to one of my friends to review it, unfortunately, he told me to divide the chapters for the better understanding of the reader. Now, if I do so, I need to work on it again. I have no problem doing so but I will do so only […]

Thesis/Dissertation Chapters

asked on 20 Jul 18

Rashi Gargrashi garg
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Introduction chapter

I am just at the initial stage of my PhD. I have planned it in a very systematic manner so that I don’t have to face any difficulty later. But after noting down each and everything I came to know that I might find some problem while working on my introduction chapter. So, to be […]

Thesis/Dissertation Chapters

asked on 19 Jul 18

Ritu Guptaritu gupta
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Wind power forecasting

Hi I carry my research in the field of wind power forecasting. I like to get suggest regarding the satistitical approch in wind power forecasting.

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asked on 18 Jul 18

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Correction in thesis! Please help

I was done with all of my work and submitted my thesis to my supervisor. I have now received some major feedback on my objectives, methods, results and conclusion. Needless to say that this brings me to square 1! Honestly, my supervisor should have corrected the objectives at the beginning itself. And now when my […]


Thesis/Dissertation Chapters


asked on 24 May 18

Anubhav KumarAnubhav Kumar
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How to remove Plagiarism from thesis?

Hi, I am doing PhD and currently in a big dilemma with respect to my thesis. I am not that good at writing frankly and I have somehow managed to write some parts of my thesis. The reason being my guide is giving me a lot of pressure and I don’t want my written work […]

Thesis/Dissertation Chapters


asked on 13 Feb 18