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Proposing a new algorithm

Hi, I am doing my PhD in computer science and my topic is related with security and reliable protocols in wireless sensor networks (WSN). I am basically required to propose a new and novel protocol/algorithm that will be better than the existing ones. Let me tell you that there are a lot of ongoing researches […]

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asked on 27 Apr 18

Sonali JainSonali Jain4 Questions
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Topic on social media marketing and consumer buying behaviour

I am working on a research concerned with social media marketing and consumer buying behaviour. This area is very extensive and there are a lot of studies on it. So, I am first required to develop literature review and then come up with a narrowed topic. But this is where I am confused, as there […]

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asked on 06 Apr 18

Lisa HedgewellLisa Hedgewell3 Questions
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Literature Review – 17th century Female Stage Actors

Hi. So I’m pursuing my PhD research on the following area – “Emergence of Female actors on Stage”. I am basically researching on the Restoration Period, 17th century England, currently doing a Literature Review. I’m looking forward to explore a dimension under this category. Any kind of suggestion would be appreciated.

Statistical Analysis

Textual Analysis

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asked on 20 Jun 17

Fern GFern G1 Questions
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Need Sub Themes for Net Neutrality

Hello, I’m new to this forum. I have been doing literature review since the past 7 months. I am researching on Net Neutrality. I am trying to find some sub-themes, but I am unable to do so. Please help!

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asked on 30 Jun 17

Vinay Kumarvinay kumar1 Questions
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Key to an appealing LR

Hey guys! I am PhD candidate from an architectural background. I intend to research on Innovative Architectural Designs to Combat Disasters. I am done with my Literature review. I am working on my preliminary draft at the moment. I need some suggestions on how to write down an effective LR. I am good at analyzing, […]


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asked on 23 Aug 17

JessicaJessica5 Questions