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Help in Topic Selection

Hey all, I was wondering if anybody could guide me in selecting a dissertation topic in financial management department. My concern is that, this domain is very typical, that is why i am facing problem while selecting  my topic for dissertation. I want to choose a topic which is very exclusive and new. I was […]

Topic Ideas

asked on 18 Jun 18

Manpreet JaiswalManpreet Jaiswal12 Questions
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Good Dissertation Topic

Choosing a right topic for your dissertation is necessary as it can turn into a reward if you choose the right dissertation topic and it will also give you the opportunity to enroll into a suitable industry or profession. So, this is the only question of mine from you guys that what are the points […]

Topic Ideas

asked on 19 Jul 18

Nancy Trivedinancy trivedi6 Questions
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Theories related to my research topic

Hey, everyone, i am doing my PhD. My query is related to what are the theories that would relate with my topic. I am writing my thesis about the issues faced by women in universities. I couldn’t find related theories and information. I need an urgent help as i have a tight deadline. Also, my supervisor […]

Topic Ideas

asked on 07 Jul 18

Priyanshu RathorePriyanshu Rathore10 Questions
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Research topic

I’m in my first year in the doctoral program. I have been reading literature continuously to discover a topic which interests me. However, I couldn’t discover any! Thus I endeavoured to search for some guide on the net and read various blog entries on the most proficient method to pick a research topic. But, at […]

Topic Ideas

asked on 18 Jul 18

Rashi Gargrashi garg5 Questions
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Areas for research

Hi, I have just completed my masters and I am planning to do my PhD. My main focus is on electronics and for my PhD, I want to do integrate Electronics and Mechanical. Can anyone suggest me the areas where I can integrate two subjects to form one single domain?

Topic Ideas

asked on 19 Jul 18

Shubham Bichwanishubham bichwani4 Questions
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How to carry forward masters research topic to PhD

Hello, right now I am doing masters and find my subjects very interesting. My research domain is in mechatronics. I wanted to know that, can I continue with this subject only in PhD? if yes, then how? and if no, please suggest me a good topic which has some study related to mechatronics as I […]

Topic Ideas

asked on 20 Jul 18

Luv Bhatialuv bhatia2 Questions
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How to choose a topic

I know that an arcane or immeasurably complicated topic would impress my supervisor but on the other hand, the topic which interests me would help me to cross this path of thesis easily. This is the sole confusion which is knocking my mind every time, what should I prefer? I should go with the topic […]

Topic Ideas

asked on 21 Jul 18

Anju Mehraanju mehra2 Questions
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Help in Thermal engineering domain

Hello, I have just completed my masters and now planning to do PhD in thermal engineering field. Can anyone suggest me what are the important parameters or what type of topics would be the most suitable for my domain? So that I can start my PhD ASAP.

Topic Ideas

asked on 14 Jul 18

Amrita Goyalamrita goyal5 Questions
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Research Areas in web security

Web security is an interdisciplinary field with n number of subjects. Presently I need to choose one specific space inside my subject to deal with where I am trapped. I need to know the fields in web security in which i can work on. Any assistance would be grateful.

Topic Ideas

asked on 18 Jul 18

Yashti IyerYashti Iyer15 Questions
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Wind power forecasting

Hi I carry my research in the field of wind power forecasting. I like to get suggest regarding the satistitical approch in wind power forecasting.

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asked on 18 Jul 18

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