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Confused about Data collection method

Hi! I am doing a study on how the afternoon nap affects the productivity of homemakers. I have read enough literature on the topic to prepare a hypothesis. However, I think I should use interview as a method to collect the data and carry the research. But I am not confident with what kind of […]

Research Methodology

Research Methods Interviews

asked on 06 Jun 18

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What is the best data collection method for my study?

: I am working on a research pertaining to the comparison between hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming techniques that affects the performance of employees. So this is concerned with brain activity and stress level among employees. Now I have prepared two questionnaires (1 for hypnosis, and 1 for neuro-linguistic programming) to collect the data from 2 […]

Questionnaire Design

asked on 09 Mar 18

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What to include in proposal Methodology?

I have my PhD interview in another few weeks. I have finalized a topic related to the factors affecting the performance of high school students in South India. Now, while writing the synopsis, I am not sure what to put in Research methodology. Please tell me what all information is required in methodology? I also […]

PhD Admission

PhD Proposal/Synopsis

Research Methodology

asked on 19 Jan 18

Priyanshu RathorePriyanshu Rathore
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Ethical Issues in Data Collection

I need to collect data from 12-14 years students. My research is about meditation and its effect on migrane and concentration in teenagers. I am unaware about ethical issues and how should I frame my questionnaire. Because the student-respondents are too young to get the questions right, I’m not understanding how to create such questions […]

Questionnaire Design

asked on 15 Jul 17

Manpreet JaiswalManpreet Jaiswal