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Confused about Data collection method

Hi! I am doing a study on how the afternoon nap affects the productivity of homemakers. I have read enough literature on the topic to prepare a hypothesis. However, I think I should use interview as a method to collect the data and carry the research. But I am not confident with what kind of […]

Research Methodology

Research Methods Interviews

asked on 06 Jun 18

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How to prepare for PhD interview questions?

Hi! I’ve already submitted my proposal, applying for a PhD in the social sciences and I have my interview scheduled for next month. As the date of the interview seems to be close, I seem to be getting progressively more nervous about it. At this rate I’ll be a nervous wreck on the day of […]

PhD Admission

PhD Proposal/Synopsis

asked on 14 Feb 18

Aditi SharmaAditi Sharma
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How to pick qualitative Research methodolgy?

I’m confused about which research methodology I should pick for my PhD research proposal. My research is focused to studying the experience of Indian immigrants working in the middle east as manual labourers or as domestic staff. It will include discussing their experience of immigration and the process of cultural assimilation in the new country […]

Research Methods Interviews

asked on 16 Jan 18

Anubhav KumarAnubhav Kumar