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Why and where should i use references in my thesis?

  Hello, nowadays i am doing research on College admission policies and the major issues which i am facing are concerned with citation/in-text citations. I am very much clear about other aspect which are included in my research but have no idea about how to use  references/in-text citations? I want to know each and every […]


asked on 15 Jun 18

Rajshree TamangRajshree Tamang
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How to put up with a difficult and unaccommodating PhD supervisor?

Oh God! I don’t know where to start, lately my supervisor has been giving me a headache… he has asked me to revise my draft so many times, frankly I have lost count! I have kept with the corrections he had suggested to me for my first few chapters but with my draft continuously being […]



asked on 10 Feb 18

Rajshree TamangRajshree Tamang