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Explanation of my thesis

Hi, I am pursuing my PhD in the field of fluid mechanics, now the problem is my mentor wants a proper explanation on when can the centre of pressure coincides with the centre of gravity in a fluid flow? and I am not sure about this process. Anyone here is from the same background? who […]


asked on 20 Jul 18

Himakshi Bhimakshi b2 Questions
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Statistical Guidance

Hello, I have to know which test would be best for my case. I have 60 respondents framing 3 groups of teachers, students and workers. I have to think about them and discover the relationship between them. What test would be the best? Chi-square, T-Test or ANOVA?

Statistical Analysis

asked on 18 Jul 18

Sonali JainSonali Jain11 Questions
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Help needed For Editing

My thesis is finished. Still, I find it hard to submit. I need to find someone who would be able to help in doing the English corrections in it? My supervisor says that I need to work on the writing part. My subject is great. All I require is prompt who can make my thesis […]

Substantive Editing

asked on 18 Jul 18

JessicaJessica12 Questions
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Help in Topic Selection

Hey all, I was wondering if anybody could guide me in selecting a dissertation topic in financial management department. My concern is that, this domain is very typical, that is why i am facing problem while selecting  my topic for dissertation. I want to choose a topic which is very exclusive and new. I was […]

Topic Ideas

asked on 18 Jun 18

Manpreet JaiswalManpreet Jaiswal12 Questions
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Best methodology

Hey everyone, I am in the 1st year of my PhD and working on a project with a topic A Survey on Consumers’ Perspective on the role of Emotional Branding. I have written its introductory chapter, and now, I need to write the RM chapter, but I have no idea as to how I will […]

Research Methodology

Thesis/Dissertation Chapters

asked on 21 Jul 18

Sanjay Singlasanjay singla2 Questions
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Parametric Test

I need to do a parametric test in my research but have no idea of how to conduct it and my supervisor is forcing me to use the same test. He is not even helping me in any way. He said if I don’t do a parametric test then he will give me less grades […]


asked on 21 Jul 18

Mansi Singhalmansi singhal5 Questions
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Editing by my supervisor

My research work always comes back with numerous remarks and edits. Something’s always wrong, not the writing style but shift amidst paragraphs and frequently additions. My supervisor makes the minor changes himself and further asks me to rewrite certain portions.It’s irritating. I am sure that my thesis doesn’t require this much editing. Does your supervisor […]

Substantive Editing

asked on 21 Jul 18

Nancy Trivedinancy trivedi6 Questions
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Antenna & Fabrication

What is the general procedure to design Antenna & Fabrication? Please help as I am stuck in this and I have to submit my paper to my supervisor. Early help would be appreciated.


asked on 21 Jul 18

Sur Msur m4 Questions
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Research Hypotheses

I wish to know something more about various types of hypotheses and forms of stating them with illustration


asked on 20 Jul 18

Noushad FerokeNoushad Feroke1 Questions
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Concluding my thesis

Hello, I am a final year PhD researcher, and my research work is in heat exchangers and it almost complete. My question is how to carry an effective analysis for the final conclusion? As I don’t want to leave any stone unturned and I have also heard the conclusion of your research should be perfect. […]


asked on 09 Jul 18

Naman Bhallanaman bhalla3 Questions