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How to over come optical resolution limit?

Hello all! I’m conducting research in biophysics. I have a doubt regarding single molecule technique. How can you overcome optical resolution limit in single-molecule technique?

asked on 19 Mar 19

Deep SinghDeep
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Working of synchrotron source components

In synchrotrons, how does the source components like booster ring, storage ring etc function?

asked on 19 Mar 19

Adithi PatelAdithi Patel
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Example for Fermi-Dirac distribution

Please explain Fermi-Dirac origin of distribution function with an example. I know the definition and how it works. But I want a few examples.

asked on 18 Mar 19

Abhay RAbhay R
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Is fluorescence a scattering spectroscopy?

Is fluorescence an emission spectroscopy or a scattering spectroscopy? And does the fluorescence occur at greater wavelength of lesser wavelength?

asked on 17 Mar 19

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Rotation motion in fluid-mosaic model

Does the fluid mosaic model allow the rotation motion through the membrane? Any idea

asked on 16 Mar 19

Aarthi SAarthi S
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Factors affecting hydration enthalpy

Is it possible for any aspect to affect the hydration enthalpy? If yes, which are those factors?

asked on 15 Mar 19

Rajiv Bhatiarajiv bhatia
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Effect of biomagnification

I have query regarding biomagnification. Can biomagnification affect the development of marine creature?

asked on 14 Mar 19

Raj ShravanRaj Shravan
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Process of capturing shape of physical objects

Conducting a research in information technology. How does a 3D scanner capture the shape of physical objects? Is there any other tool or process that can be used for the same?

asked on 14 Mar 19

Mac SmithMac Smith
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Requirements of IEEE journal

I want to get my manuscript published in IEEE journal. What are the requirements that must be met by my manuscript? Any suggestions?

asked on 14 Mar 19

Rishab KhannaRishab Khanna
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Need for statistical approach in thermodynamics

Do we need any kind of statistical approach in thermodynamics? Also, is there something called statistical thermodynamics. I have heard about classical thermodynamics but not about statistical one.

asked on 13 Mar 19

Prithvi PatelPrithvi Patel