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Correction in thesis! Please help

I was done with all of my work and submitted my thesis to my supervisor. I have now received some major feedback on my objectives, methods, results and conclusion. Needless to say that this brings me to square 1! Honestly, my supervisor should have corrected the objectives at the beginning itself. And now when my […]


Thesis/Dissertation Chapters


asked on 24 May 18

Anubhav KumarAnubhav Kumar5 Questions
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Developing the objectives

So I am working on a research concerned with the generating awareness among people towards spiritual lifestyle that may include focusing ion yoga and meditation. There are a lot of studies in this area though, and to stand out, I need to come up with some realistic and unique objectives. I am at the proposal […]

PhD Proposal/Synopsis

asked on 24 Apr 18

Manpreet JaiswalManpreet Jaiswal3 Questions
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Formatting dissertation: APA

I am finding it really difficult to format my dissertation according to the APA guidelines. I have tried doing it myself, I have tried influencing my friends into doing it, but it’s not fine. There are so many small things that the document not coming across perfectly.  Further, the writing conventions of APA are to […]



Substantive Editing


asked on 05 May 18

Priyanshu RathorePriyanshu Rathore3 Questions
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Proposing a new algorithm

Hi, I am doing my PhD in computer science and my topic is related with security and reliable protocols in wireless sensor networks (WSN). I am basically required to propose a new and novel protocol/algorithm that will be better than the existing ones. Let me tell you that there are a lot of ongoing researches […]

Topic Ideas

asked on 27 Apr 18

Sonali JainSonali Jain4 Questions
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How to do analysis of English novels?

My research is in Literature. I am working on some select novels of authors of the early 20th century. My guide has told me to do analysis of the novel. She hasn’t been very supportive in answering my doubts or in providing me any help. And, I have literally no idea on the techniques that […]


Qualitative Analysis

Textual Analysis

asked on 19 Jan 18

Lalit MudraLalit Mudra4 Questions
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Topic on social media marketing and consumer buying behaviour

I am working on a research concerned with social media marketing and consumer buying behaviour. This area is very extensive and there are a lot of studies on it. So, I am first required to develop literature review and then come up with a narrowed topic. But this is where I am confused, as there […]

Topic Ideas

asked on 06 Apr 18

Lisa HedgewellLisa Hedgewell3 Questions
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How to do secondary data analysis?

Hi! I am unable to understand how to do secondary data analysis on my research topic “critical analysis of water resource accessibility in India and other countries”. I need to do discussion and conclusion as well based on that. Can you please help me out?

Statistical Analysis

asked on 20 Apr 18

Rajshree TamangRajshree Tamang4 Questions
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Hello, iam currently studying for my MBA program from Hariot Watt university here in UK and I intend to pursue my PHD in business, Iam already a qualified internal auditor and have around 7 years experience in internal audit. My question is where can i apply for phd, I understand that MBA is not a […]

PhD Admission

asked on 05 Apr 18

TahaerumTahaerum1 Questions
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Need help with conceptual framework.

Hi! Can anyone help me upon framing a conceptual framework? Actually, I am doing research on a topic based on Quality of Worklife and factors influencing employees leaving an organisation with special reference to the BPO industry. I need to build a hypothesis for the same and I need to develop a conceptual framework. Can […]

Report Writing

asked on 24 Mar 18

Krishan PancholiKrishan Pancholi3 Questions
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What is the best data collection method for my study?

: I am working on a research pertaining to the comparison between hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming techniques that affects the performance of employees. So this is concerned with brain activity and stress level among employees. Now I have prepared two questionnaires (1 for hypnosis, and 1 for neuro-linguistic programming) to collect the data from 2 […]

Questionnaire Design

asked on 09 Mar 18

JessicaJessica5 Questions